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Process Valves

Process valves from SPX are all specially designed valves developed for various applications. Some applications include protection against over-pressure, vacuum or ensuring that the media does not run backwards.




The spring-loaded, full stroke safety valves DELTA SI 2 are approved for fluids and gases. They are used where containers or tanks have to be secured against excess pressure. As a result of their hygienic design they are especially suitable for use in brewing and drinks technology, the dairy industry, the food industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

The new safety valves DELTA SI 2, are approved by the TÜV, for fluids and gases, they meet the requirements of the Pressure Vessels codes, AD-leaflet A2 and the VdTÜV leaflet Safety Valve 100.



Main advantages 

  • Hygienic design
  • Ideally suited to CIP applications
  • All product-contact parts finished to Ra <= 0.8µ
  • Pneumatic or manual operation
  • The pneumatic seat lifting device includes the facility for feedback signals from proximity switch
  • Quick and easy seal replacement
  • The nameplate details uniquely identify each valve




APV has specially developed the DELTA UF pressure relief valves to protect installations against excess pressure. If the set pressure is exceeded, the valve opens; if the pressure sinks below the set value (up to a maximum of 20%), the valve closes. 




Main advantages 

  • Optimal cleaning possibilities. Free draining ensures trapped product or CIP residues.
  • No stroke limitation by seat lift actuator and so the full diameter of the opening is available during cleaning.
  • Particularly easy to service - only four screws to be loosened and the valve insert can be lifted out upwards.


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