DHL go green

All our export shipments with DHL Express are climate neutral. By using DHL GoGreen we invest in climate protection projects in various regions across the globe, supporting a mix of projects in the categories of "energy efficiency", "renewable energy" and "reforestation/afforestation". We insist on high standards and the selected climate protection projects are based on their value for both the environment and the local communities. Environmental protection is high on DHL:s agenda with an ambitious environmental target of zero emissions by 2050.

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Hereby we want to thank you all for making it all happen :) Looking forward to the challenges and rewards of 2020!

Mazak QUICK TURN. Tapflo Factory

To increase production capacity, Tapflo Factory expands its Hi-End machine park. The brand new Mazak CNC (computer numerical control) machine just arrived at the factory.

Mazak QUICK TURN is a multi-task machine brings together advanced technology, productivity and value to deliver exceptional performance.

Upgrading production machinery is an important element in Tapflo’s strategy of continuous development and assuring the highest possible quality of manufactured pumps and equipment.


Pump industry award 2019

We take great pleasure and pride in announcing that Tapflo UK have made the finals for two categories in the upcoming Pump Industry Awards Ceremony: Technical Innovation Of The Year Finalist for Tapflo TC Intelligent Pump equipped with LEAP Low Energy Technology.

This category awards the innovative products which set new standards in the industry.


New compact and reliable, mechanically sealed centrifugal pumps give the right solution for liquids containing solid particles. Since there are no metal parts on the liquid side, the pumps are ideal for chemicals transfer and circulation in surface treatment industry.

Flexibility and support at every stage of the process

Mobile units from Tapflo include both - Air operated diaphragm pumps as well as centrifugal pumps and can be combined with other accessories that make the solution useful for particular application.

The idea of Mobile pumping solutions is best illustrated by examples of units used in the industry and serving real customers to support their processes.

Tapflo is proud to announce that a series of Intelligent diaphragm pumps has been implemented into company’s pump range portfolio. TC Intelligent pumps are fitted with ingenious LEAP® technology developed by Tapflo.

Intelligent diaphragm from Tapflo

LEAP® or ‘Low Energy Air Pump’ is a patented technology used in AODD pumps to reduce the minimum operating air pressure by reducing internal losses and friction found in conventional AODD pumps. - LEAP uses a unique indirect system to detect the position of the diaphragm shaft controlling the diaphragm movement automatically- explains Colin Wreyford Technical Director at Tapflo.


Tapflo vam predstavlja novu, veću i snažniju centrifugalnu magnetnu pumpu – CTM 32 – 12,5.

Tapflo CTM horizontalne centrifugalne pumpe spadaju u grupu centrifugalnih pumpi gde se snaga motora prenosi do radnog kola uz pomoć magnetnih spojnica. CTM pumpe su dizajnirane i proizvedene za transport hemikalija i cirkulaciju fluida u različitim industrijama. 

Predstavljamo Vam inovaciju vezanu za prirubnice koje se ugrađuju na Tapflo plastične membranske pumpe. Tamo gde postoji rizik od vibracije od same instalacije pa do pumpe, nove prirubnice obezbeđuju bolju stabilnost i zaptivanje. Integrisane prirubnice su dostupne za sledeće vrste pumpi, svih izvedba materijala:

Više informacija o plastičnim membranskim pumpama i specijalnim izvedbama, možete pronaći na sledećem linku.

Tapflo Vam sa ponosom predstavlja novu seriju TK pumpi sa ugrađenim prigušivačima, dostupnim za plastične pumpe sledećih oznaka: T20, T50, T100.

Prednosti korišćenja ovih prigušivača su brojne.

Više informacija pročitajte na sledećem linku, u delu "specijalne izvedbe".

O Nama.Tapflo Group je nezavisni evropski proizvođač i globalni snabdevač membranskih pumpi, centrifugalnih pumpi i druge industrijske procesne opreme. Tapflo predstavljaju vlastite predstavništva u 28 zemalja i nezavisni distributeri u više od 30 zemalja.