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DELTA RUF Process Valves

full20 20419APV DELTA RUF3

Thanks to the high operational safety, compact and maintenance free design, DELTA RUF non-return valves are used in places where a back flow of product in pipelines must be avoided. This task is reliably achieved by the DELTA RUF valves. The valves are found in breweries and dairies as well as within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.






The valve opens as soon as the pressure under the valve seat exceeds the counter pressure. When the pressure is balanced, the valve closes by spring action, which means that in case of a pressure increase, the valve closes on the spring side.

Field of application

All industries. Used when backflow of the product in pipelines must be avoided.


  • Profile seals that eliminate gaps and ease ordering of spares due to ID-numbering
  • Easy to maintain - the inter-flange design means that the valve can easily be removed from the line
  • Flexible design - the valve can be horizontally or vertically positioned
  • Reduced maintenance costs - the bearing is very robust and reliable and the valve consists of only a few parts


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